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Passage Service in Danish Straits

Experience timely first class passage service in Danish Straits purposely suited to your needs with a minimum of delay in your onwards voyage plan.

The Danish Straits are one of the world’s most vessel traffic intensive areas only exceeded by the Malacca Strait and The English Channel. These many vessels in- and outbound from the Baltic area, can take advantage of the short distance from the Danish shore to the merchant sailing route, to conduct various services with launch boat, either whilst the vessel is underway, or while the vessel makes short stay at anchorage.
The short sailing distance to the route and the numerous possible locations of service through the Danish Straits, gives the vessel managers great flexibility in ordering vessel services with a minimum delay of the vessels onward journey.

Our range of services that we can offer are close to unlimited, as we can almost offer any delivery/launch service you may require through our broad network of top class sub suppliers.

We can assist your vessel at all requested locations in Denmark.




Key Locations

• Skagen • Gedser
• Kalundborg • Grenaa
• Copenhagen • Bornholm


List of main services


Supplies to/from vessel:

Cargo & Navigational Services:

• Freshwater delivery • Booking/coordination of pilotage
• Spares/provisions/mail • Consultation on local regulations
• Bunkers/lubricants • Cargo samling/measurements
• Slops disposal  


Crew Management

Operational & Technical Services

• Visa/Immigration processing (Visa on Arrival) • Cash to Master
• Transport to/from vessel • Bunker samples shipment
• Accommodation • Certificate renewals
• Ticket booking • Repairs
• Medical assistance • Ship/equipment inspections
  • Hull cleaning/diving inspections


Leth Danish Straits ApS is part of the Leth Agencies organisation. Leth Agencies also offer agency at the Suez Canal, Panama Canal and Turkish straits.