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SCA Circular No 3/2017 - Longhaul Dry Bulk Rebates from South Africa to Mediterranean Ports


Article One:

Laden Dry Bulk Vessels coming from the Republic of South African ports and heading to Mediterranean Sea ports (including Black Sea ports) bounded by Ceuta port at the West of the Mediterranean sea shall be granted a 40% rebate of Suez Canal transit tolls.

Article Two:

Conditions of applying the Circular:

1) Any operating company wishing to benefit from this circular must submit a request through its local Suez Canal agent before sailing from the origin port. The request must state: vessel’s particulars, origin port and destination port, ETA to the Suez Canal and vessel’s condition.

2) The vessel can not call any intermediate ports during its voyage between origin port and destination port for commercial purposes. In case the vessel called any intermediate ports for none commercial purposes a certificate issued by the port authority or other competent authorities will be required stating the reason of calling.

3) Full normal Suez Canal transit tolls to be paid upon transit and the rebate amount will be refunded after submitting all the required documents within one calendar year starts the following day of transit.

4) Required documents to refund the rebate amount:

a) “Origin port” certificate from the last loading port stating the departure date, quantity of cargo in metric tons and type of cargo on departure duly signed & stamped by the port authority or other competent authorities.

b) “Destination port” certificate from the first discharging port stating the arrival date, quantity of cargo in metric tons and type of cargo on arrival duly signed and stamped by the port authority or other competent authorities.

 c) “Principals Claim” requesting to refund the rebate amount stating the circular number, sailing date, transit date, arrival date at the destination port and a clear disclaimer that the vessel has not called any intermediate ports for commercial purposes. 

5) Failing to submit all the required documents in due time or breaching any of the circular conditions will lead to the cancellation of the rebate previously granted to the vessel.

Article Three:

This circular shall take effect as of 4th of April 2017 till 31st of December 2017, as an experimental period subject to renewal.

Download SCA Circular via the following URL link:

Director of Transit Dept.

Eng . Ahmed Shawky Mostafa