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Port Said - Other

Port Said is located on the northern entrance to the Suez Canal. Out of sights near Port Said, the northern end of the Suez Canal is a place where many visitors can find hours of entertainment, simply by watching ships pass in and out of the canal. Furthermore, Port Said even got a couple of museums that are well worth the visit, the National Musuem and the Military Museum. In addition, few Western visitors, give Port Said a relaxed athmosphere. However, Egyptian visitors like coming up here, of two reasons: Port Said is a duty free zone, as well as being a friendly summer resort for Egyptians escaping summer heat. Furthermore, most of Port Said is little to attract the active traveller, but certain quarters in the centre has European style 19th century architecture, coming with full wooden balconies and high verandas. The ambience, and even the existence, of these quarters are presently under threat from large schemes of setting up ugly government prefab buildings. But still, Port Said is excellent on both hotels and restaurants, but travellers demanding very high standards will have some problems finding something in their range. Fish food is good in Port Said. The by far best way of getting to, or from, Port Said, is by bus. These cover most destinations, and as always they are cheap. F.x. should Port Said-Cairo not cost more than US$4 one way, even for the highest comfort. Trains and taxis also represent an alternative, but nothing compared to the buses.Crew may join or land for repatriation at canal ports.

Sign off/landing formalities of leaving crew and transportation from canal port to Cairo airport is attended by Leth Suez Transit.

Joing crew

  • Be in possession of valid seaman's book.
  • Hold an introduction letter from the owners stating ship's name, the port ship arrives and the Canal agent's name.
  • To hold contract of employment.
  • Officers should also bear their license of competency.
  • Repatriating crew

Owners / masters should provide Leth Suez Transit with the following:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Nationality and passport number
  • Destination.
  • Also to declare if PTA has been arranged or tickets are to be issued by the Canal agents with seamen's fare.


For European and USA citizens entry visa not required. Visa for other nationalities can be granted on arrival at Cairo airport, but it is recommended to be obtained before departing their country to avoid eventual delays. For certain countries entry visa is required prior arriving Cairo.

As per 1st of July 2002 Egyptian Authorities have decided that crew changes of people coming from flwg countries are NOT allowed in Egypt: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Somalia. This means that we, asagents, cannot issue 'OK to board' for any crew with said nationalities.

Far Eastern/African crew can not board ship flying flag other than their nationality. Master/officers may be excluded from this rule provided bearing translated license of competency.
Women not holding seamen’s book may be considered as passengers, which can affect the canal tolls charged, especially when ship is in ballast condition.

Disembarking crew should hold valid seaman’s book or passports. It is strongly recommended PTA tickets to be collectable at desk of airline company at Cairo airport and not in Cairo town office. Domestic Airlines.

Egypt has two national carriers for internal flights, Egyptair and Air Sinai. Egyptair flies daily from Cairo to Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel, and Hurghada and twice a week to Kharga Oasis. Air Sinai flies from Cairo to Hurghada, Al Arish, Taba, Sharm el Shaykh, St. Catherine’s Monastery, El Tor, and to Tel Aviv, Israel.

Egyptair Offices
Alexandria: 19 Midan Zaghloul. Tel: 492-0778.
Cairo: 6 Adli Street, Tel: 920-000; 12 Qasr el Nil Street, Tel: 750-600; Nile Hilton Hotel, Tel: 759-703; Cairo Sheraton, Tel: 958-408.

Quay figures in Port Said

By area
Berth name Draft
Avant Port 11.88 m
Channel 11.88 m
Houssein basin 9.75 m
Abbas basin 8.23 m
Grain silo (Observer) 11.58 m
Corn silo (Asswan) 11.58 m
Sherif basin 4.9 m – 11.3 m
Bunkering berths 11.58 m
Salt basin 8.53 m
Container terminal 12.8 m
Ro/Ro quay 6.7 m
General Cargo quay 13.7 m

By berth number
Berth no Length Draft
1A 197 m 12.49 m
2A 242 m 11.88 m
3A 197 m 12.80 m
4A 324 m 12.80 m
5A 324 m 12.80 m
6A 324 m 11.88 m
7A 324 m 11.88 m
8A 324 m 11.88 m
1B 142 m 11.58 m
2B 102 m 10.36 m
3B 202 m 11.88 m
5B 172 m 11.58 m
6B 217 m 11.88 m
7B 217 m 12.80 m
2E 232 m 11.88 m
3E 202 m 11.88 m
4E 172 m 11.88 m
1I 232 m 10.50 m
2I 202 m 11.00 m
3I 266 m 11.00 m
0R 92 m 11.00 m
1R 137 m 10.00 m
2R 241 m 9.00 m
3R 190 m 10.00 m
4R 246 m 9.00 m
6R 232 m 11.27 m