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Trans Marine Shipping

Founded by Heinz Otto Kleibeler, Trans Marine Shipping has vast experience in the specialised oil, gas and offshore industry. Trans Marine Shipping are well positioned in all South African and Namibian ports, with our head office in Cape Town.

With our vast experience in the logistical management of FPSO’s, oil rigs, drill ships, crane/accommodation barges and supply vessels at all South African and Namibian ports, we are proud to have achieved the recognition of being known as one of the professional logistical management teams in South Africa.

We also handle Namibia, Tanzania, Mosambique from the Cape Town office

The TMS services include:

  • Ships Agency
  • Worldwide Travel & Offshore Training
  • Crew Logistics & Management
  • Offshore Supplies and Logistics
  • Special Projects
  • Bunker Brokers