New fixed rebate from/to Egyptian Red Sea ports!

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Today the Suez Canal Authority has introduced a new rebate for dry bulk vessels operating between Egyptian ports in the red sea and ports in West Africa. 

a) Ports at (Ghana – Togo – Benin – Nigeria), shall be granted a rebate of 20% of Suez Canal normal tolls.
b) Ports at “Cameroon” and its Southern ports, shall be granted a rebate of 45% of Suez Canal normal tolls.

This circular is applicable to vessels sailing from origin port from 1 November 2023 until 30 June 2024 (the last permissible sailing date from origin port is 30 June 2024).

NB! Rebate aplications under this circular must be submitted before sailing from port of origin. 

Please view the full circular on SCA webpage here