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About us

Since our inception in the Suez Canal zone in 1924 our focus has been on providing innovative and high-quality services for the users of the Suez Canal. Today, we are a leading shipping agency offering our clients a diverse and comprehensive service portfolio. We work from Egypt, Norway, Denmark, Dubai and Singapore. With a growing business on the back of our success in Egypt, we have expanded and become local service providers in the Danish Straits, Singapore, Gibraltar, and Spain, along with productive partnerships in Turkey and Panama.

Through decades, we have mastered our trade and fine-tuned our services to meet the ever-increasing demand for quality required by our clients.

In January 2024, LETH announced a partnership with Inchcape Shipping Services through a major investement. Inchcape Shipping Services is a portfolio company of UK-based private equity firm Epiris. Access the official press release here.

Board of directors 

Otto Jervell

Inger-Lise Josefsen

Daniel Vikström

Philippe Maezelle

Benjamin Harmstorf


"LETH shall grow to become the Leading Global Transit Agency, powered by Inchcape Shipping Services, delivering excellent services to its clients. LETH shall act as a trusted and reliable partner in the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal, in Danish Straits, the Straits of Bosphorus, the Messina Straits, and the Magellan Straits.

For all its employees, LETH shall be a great place to work, providing a safe, diverse, and inclusive climate."  


100 years of “Norwegian” history in the Suez Canal.

LETH has roots in the Suez Canal all the way back to 1924, when Edvard Leth set up a bunkering business in Suez, supplying passing vessels with coal. Although Suez is still the backbone of our company today, LETH has expanded to other parts of the world to deliver first-class services focused on maritime hotspots.

Edvard Leth starts selling
coal in Port Said



Nationalization of the Suez Canal.

Suez canal close



LSS obtain Suez Canal Rebates for VLCC’s in ballast.

Otto Jervell and a partner are joined by 7 main creditors and establish Leth Suez Transits (LST) after buying out LSS.



LST first agents to obtain rebate for Car Carriers.

LST reaches 1000 handled transits.


LST assists TT Jahre Viking, the world’s largest vessel through the Suez Canal.


LST and Maritime Commercial obtain agent shipping license.

LST enters into partnership with Mastership in Turkey for Bosporus transits



LST reaches 5000 handled transits.

LST opens office in Copenhagen, Denmark.


LST opens office in Singapore


Leth Egypt Agencies (LEA) obtain shipping license.

LST enters into partnership with Associated in Panama

First vessel transit under LEA license.


LST reaches 10 000 handled transits.


LST assists KNM Fridtjof Nansen, Norwegian Navy Frigate.

LST reaches 20 000 handled transits.


Leth Agencies assist with husbandry services for FSRUs Hoegh Gallant and BW Singapore operating in Egypt.

SCA fixed rebate scheme introduced with LST as initiator.


First year with more than 10% market share of Suez Canal transits.

LST sets up a dedicated rebate department to handle increased number of rebates transits.




Leth Incargo Marine Services established in Singapore.


LST joins MACN.


LST reaches 30 000 handled transits.

LST partners with Incargo in Algeciras and Gibraltar.


A record 864 rebates are released to our client base for Suez transits this year. Totaling over 74 million USD.

LST rebrands and renamed Leth. 


Leth celebrates 30 successful years – and 32 000 Suez Canal Transits - under Otto Jervell's ownership.

Leth announce partnership with Inchape Shipping Services (ISS) through a major investment by ISS and UK-based private equity firm Epiris.



Leth celebrates 100 years of "Norwegian" history in the Suez Canal.

Compliance And Csr

Our Company, incorporated in Norway as Leth Suez Transit Ltd. AS, is committed to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. As the company provide services to clients worldwide, we also oblige supranational authorities and legislators, such as the European Union, United Nations, and United States.

We comply with the laws and regulations of countries in which we operate, we understand and adhere to the standards of business conduct and deliver our assignment professionally, with integrity and fairness. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards bribery. We will not offer, authorize, or accept bribes, kickbacks or anything of value for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business or any other advantage we would otherwise not be entitled to. Corruption can take many forms; it does not necessarily involve money. Anything of value, including gifts or entertainment, may be considered a bribe under certain circumstances. Therefore, we question why they are made and if anything is expected in return. To cement our stand towards the above, we are members of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN). Membership certificate here.

Our company does not tolerate fraud. We seek to prevent, detect, and investigate any dishonest behavior that may affect us. We do so by requiring all employees to report suspicions of fraud and by maintaining a fraud detection and prevention program. It is expected to be alert for any indication of fraud. In case fraud is detected or suspected, the incident should immediately be reported to management. Regular anti-money laundering checks are to be made. All employees have a duty to report any suspicious activity to the company’s compliance desk 

At LETH, we and our partners believe in uprightness and that honesty serves in part to ensuring that the company remains sustainable and successful. Creating a secure and trustworthy environment reflects a business structure built on trust, transparency, and legitimacy.

As an employer, we are committed to ensure that our employees are always safe and healthy. This goes for the time spent at work and at home. We believe that by ensuring the well-being of our teams, we will be able to deliver top-quality products to our clients. Through first aid courses, internal policies, guidelines and procedures, our aim and goal are that no employees should be injured at work. Through donations to local hospitals and organizations, we are also contributing to the well-being of the local communities where we operate.