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Being present at important maritime hubs is essential to provide holistic and extensive service experiences for our clients. Not many ports in the world can boast the geographical strategic location of Gibraltar, a place often referred to as the key to the Mediterranean. Historically, Gibraltar has been a heavily fortified British air and naval base guarding the Straits of Gibraltar, which is the only entrance to the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean.

The Gibraltar side of the Bay, provides 14 safe and sheltered anchorage positions from the predominant easterly winds of the area. A large variety of services are offered to the approximately 80,000 vessels transiting these busy Straits annually. Of the services provided, bunker replenishment is the most common and has resulted in Gibraltar becoming the largest bunkering port in the Mediterranean.

The East side of Gibraltar provides additional anchorage slots allowing vessels to undertake alternative non-refuelling operations e.g. repairs, crew changes, taking on stores etc. A part from the services offered at the two anchorage areas, Off-Port Limits services are offered to vessels that are transiting but do not wish to deviate or leave international waters. These services include, though aren’t limit to, delivery of stores, spares, provisions, or crew changes. OPL operations are performed at following two rendezvous points:

Port infrastructure

Husbandry Services at Gibraltar

Crew Changes

Located in one of the busiest straits, Gibraltar is a popular port for carrying out crew changes. Frequent departures from Gibraltar Airport to the U.K. as well as great interconnectivity from nearby Spanish airports, reliable harbour craft services, good hotel accommodations, and crew shore transfer facilities, make this port more than adequate for safe and timely crew change operations, whether from Off-Port Limits rendezvous or during a scheduled call at anchor or alongside berth. Local Immigration formalities are Visa free and minimal.


Underwater services

Underwater services are essential for vessel performance and must be taken into consideration in a fast-paced shipping environment. In Gibraltar, these services are readily available and include hull cleaning, propeller cleaning/polishing, thruster, rudder and suction grid cleaning, photo/video CCTV inspections, Class Inspections (underwater operators are approved by all major Classification Societies), anode replacements and repairs/welding.


Ship Deliveries

At Gibraltar, we can supply a wide range of products, i.e. all types of duty-free stores, provisions, chemicals/gases, paints and spare parts. Urgent spares can also be air dispatched to Gibraltar airport or nearby Spanish airports from where our great logistical network allows for speedy collection and arrangements.



As an Associate Member of Oil Spill Response Ltd (OSRL) of Southampton, Gibraltar’s Safety and environmental concerns are given top priority by the Government, which strictly regulates operations via the form of the Bunkering Code of Practice. Furthermore, the Port Authority's bunkering superintendents continuously monitor all operations in the Port.


Ship-to-ship operations

The strategic location of Gibraltar makes it ideal to carry out Ship to Ship (STS) cargo transfers at anchor. The deep anchorages and sheltered waters are optimal in providing a safe and regulated environment for STS operations with minimal deviation from busy shipping routes.

The flexibility and advantages of economies of scale have resulted in STS operations becoming more common throughout the world. Gibraltar has a framework governing STS operations to the required standards by the amendments to the MARPOL Convention and continues to regulate the activities of licensed STS operators for such operations conducted within British Gibraltar Territorial Waters.


Handovers of Vessel Ownership

With good local Class and Flag representation as well as the mentioned favourable crew change conditions, Gibraltar is commonly used for change of ownership and handovers. Leth Incargo has great experience with this type of operations and have handled many handovers for both sides of the transaction.


Ship Arrest

As a vast variety of vessels are frequently calling for any of the previously mentioned reasons, Gibraltar is an ideal location for conducting ship arrests, especially given its well-established admiralty Law based on British Law (A detailed overview can be provided upon request). At Leth Incargo, we enjoy a very close relationship with leading Maritime lawyers within this field who are based in Gibraltar.


Cruise calls

With its prime location at the southern tip of Europe, guarding the gateway to the Mediterranean, Gibraltar is a perfect port of call for cruise ships with itineraries including transit of the Strait of Gibraltar. Cruise ships can berth along both sides of the Cruise Terminal in approximately an hour after leaving the main shipping lanes. A total quay length of 940 metres allows for up to four medium sized or two large sized vessels to berth alongside simultaneously.  

The Cruise Terminal facilities include telephones, bar/cafeteria, arts and craft shops, display areas and a Gibraltar Tourist Information office. The Cruise Terminal is situated within the restricted security zone with a visible but discreet security area including x-ray machines and metal detectors. Port waters are patrolled regularly by the Gibraltar Port Authority, Ministry of Defence and the Royal Gibraltar Police Marine Section.

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