Amendment of berting dues in Port Said / Suez

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SCA have announced amendment of the berthing dues in Port Said and Suez from 1st of June, 2024. 

As per the SCA:

It is hereby decreed that Article 100 of the SC Rules of Navigation, December 2020 Edition, shall be amended to include a new Item 3. This item details the calculation of berthing stay dues applicable to all units' berthing at the piers of Port Said and Suez, affiliated to Suez Canal Authority as follows:

1 -  For Foreign vessels:  unit s' length × $ 2 per meter × number of days

2 -  For Egyptian vessels:  unit s' length × E G P 10  per meter × number of days.

* Any fraction of a day shall be charged as a full day.

* Any fraction of a meter in the length of a vessel shall be a whole meter.

#  This amendment shall take effect and be in force from the 1st day of June, 2024.

Please view the circular here and full announcement on SCA website here.