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Leth Egypt Agencies Ltd (LEA) has, since its inception a few years ago, become a leading service provider to Private Maritime Security Companies and their security teams embarking and disembarking vessels in the Suez Canal, prior to and after executing anti pirate operations in The Gulf of Aden.

Being a joint venture between Leth Suez and local partner Mohamed Samir Abdallah, the company musters in-depth knowledge of Egyptian and local Suez Canal Zone rules and regulations. Local presence, knowledge and well-developed relations are fundamental prerequisites for quality deliveries. Furthermore, LEA’s Standard Operations Procedures reflect Leth Suez’ senior management’s military and ship operations training and experience. These combinations of knowledge, skills, relations and experiences are being appreciated by a steadily growing number of security companies.

Experienced LEA personnel are on duty 24 hours throughout the week at Cairo Airport, assisting incoming and outgoing security teams by with immigration, police and customs authorities. Luggage, equipment and weapons logistics are organized as well as personnel transportation, accommodation in selected hotels and embarking and disembarking operations. LEA has selected and trained its security team managers, tender boat skippers and crews, chauffeurs and support personnel involved to a very high service level.

Strict rules and thorough procedures regarding candidate selection, drugs and alcohol testing, education and certificate verification as well as job training programs were applied years back when security companies still were rare occurrences in the Suez Canal. The security teams are transported in well-maintained and comfortable company owned vehicles and tender boats. Driven and sailed by company employees trained for - and dedicated to – these specific operations.

Leth Egypt Agency’s mission is to secure swift and cost efficient embarking and disembarking, enabling its clients to deploy their security teams where, when and with the equipment agreed on with their principals.

Standard of Procedures for team embarkation