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Associated Steamship Agents (ASA)

Leth Panama is a joint service with Associated Steamship Agents SA. Leth Panama has its roots firmly planted in Panama since 1914 which is before the building of the Panama Canal and has been providing services to the international maritime community for more than a century.

We are in constant touch with the Panama Canal Authority as well as the Port Operators, and our officers maintain a watching brief on every vessel from the first ETA messages through the vessels arrival to departure. We are thoroughly familiar with the Canal and Port operations, and we do our utmost to prevent unnecessary delays and will ensure that every vessel consigned to our care receives the most expeditious handling possible. Apart from our local presence we also operate from our offices in Copenhagen, Oslo and Singapore, from where we are able to follow up closely with our clients and vessels in these regions.

We are using the advantage of being ahead of the Panamanian working hours and we are coordinating closely with the vessel’s operators evaluating if booking of a transit slot should be necessary.