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Panama > Rules and Regulations > Deck cargo/clear view

Deck cargo/clear view

If the vessel has deck and has problems complying with the below, the capt is requested to advise ASAP and is also requested to try to arrive with an even keel trim.

e. Panama Canal Minimum Visibility Requirements
(1) All vessels transiting the Panama Canal must comply with the following navigation

Bridge minimum visibility requirements:
(a) If the vessel is laden, the view of the water surface from any conning position in the navigation bridge shall not be obscured by more than one (1) ship length forward of the bow, under all conditions of draft and trim.

Free passage from fore to aft:
Pls note that a clear passage from fore to aft is required at deck level, in order for the lines men to move from fore to aft. If the deck is obstructed by cargo, a catwalk has to be provided in accordance with article 72 in Panama Canal Authorities Navigation regulations.