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Arrival limits/ information

Pre arrival information
1. ETA and TFW Draft on Arrival (FWD/AFT);
2. 10 Last ports of call with each one's MARSEC level of security and date of departure prior to arrive at the Panama Canal;
3. Crew and PAX list (you can e-mail to as an attachment or fax it to +507 269-6553). If no PAX, please send a "Nil" list;
4. Origin of all 'meat' onboard whether it is ship's store or cargo;
5. Date and port/country where Derrating certificate was issued;
6. Next port of call;
7. Security information:
        a. Company in charge of security;
        b. Company security officer name (last/first);
        c. Company security officer location (city/country);
        d. Company security officer e-mail address;
        e. Company security officer phone number / fax;
        f. Vessel's security officer name (last/first);
        g. Vessel's Security officer License Marine code;
        h. Vessel's Security officer e-mail address;
        i. Vessel's Security officer phone number;
        j. Vessel's Security officer fax number
        k. Does the vessel have a valid International Ship's Security Certificate?
        l. Ship security certificate date of issue (mm/dd/yyyy);
        m. Ship security certificate status;
        n. Ship security certificate number;
        o. Ship security issuing Organization or person;
        p. Vessel's MARSEC level of security;
        q. Security level remarks;
        r. Ship Security Certificate date of expiration (mm/dd/yyyy);
        s. Ship Security Certificate Government (country);