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First time transit

Prior to each vessel’s initial transit, one electronic copy (via WORD, EXCEL, PDF, TIFF, JPEG or similar format) of the following drawings/documents are to be submitted to the Admeasurements Unit ( and ) at least 96 hours prior to arrival at Panama Canal waters.
  • International Tonnage Certificate (ITC 69)
  • PC/UMS Documentation of Total Volume, Suitable Substitute
  • Volume calculations (if available)
  • Suez Canal Certificate (if available)
  • Load Line Certificate (if multiple Load Lines exist, provide the one with least freeboard)
  • Pilot Card (Vessels speed and general information)
  • Ship Particulars
  • Certificate of Registry
  • Ship Clasification Certificate
  • Minimum Crew Safe Manning Certificate
  • International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate
  • Passenger Ship Safety Certificate - Form P (for passenger vessels)
  • International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate
  • Certificate of Fitness (for tanker vessels)
In addition, the following drawings (plans) shall be provided in PDF or AUTOCAD format "only", in one plan (not sections), in order to allow for precise calculations:
  • General Arrangement Plan
  • Capacity Plan with deadweight scale
  • Midship Section Plan
  • Lines Plan
  • Shell Expansion Plan
  • Docking Plan
  • Trim and stability booklet or hydrostatic information (summer loaded figures at zero trim for extreme draft, displacement, deadweight and ton of immersion)
  • Container Loading or Stowage Plan when fully loaded (full container vessels only)
  • Cargo Securing Manual (full container vessels only - All pages regarding container information above and below deck and all combinations possible)