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No increase of Suez Canal tolls in 2015


SCA has announced not to increase the Suez Canal tolls in 2015.

Despite talks about an increase the SCA administration has confirm that there will be no increase of the Suez Canal tolls for 2015.

Meanwhile, an increase of 10% for all LNG vessels will take effect as of 1st of May 2015

The circular in full:
Circular 2/2015
Suez Canal Transit Dues
for the year 2015

Article one:
The Suez Canal Authority announces that transit dues for the year 2015 shall remain unchanged the same as in 2014

Article Two:
Circular No 8/1994 granting a reduction 35% in the transit tolls for LNG carriers shall be amended to the effect that the reduction shall be 25%

Article Three:
This circular takes effect as of 1/5/2015