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SCA Circular No. 7/2017 - Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) - Rebates


SCA circular concerning LNG tankers operating between the U.S Gulf, the Arabian Gulf, India and Eastern ports.

Article One:

By encouraging more LNG Shipowners and Operators to transit the Suez Canal, the Suez Canal Authorities (SCA) have decided to grant LNG tankers in loaded or in ballast condition operating between the U.S Gulf, the Arabian Gulf, India and Eastern ports the following Suez Canal canal tolls reductions:

  1. The Arabian Gulf and west of India up to port of Kochi. A reduction of 30% of Suez Canal tolls will apply.
  2. East of port of Kochi, India west of India and up to the port of Singapore, a reduction of 40% of Suez Canal tolls will apply.
  3. Singapore and its eastern ports, a reduction of 50% of Suez Canal tolls will apply.

Article Two:

Conditions of applying the Circular :

1) Any company wishing to benefit from this circular have to submit a formal request before transit via its local Suez Canal agent.

2) The ship can not call any port in between the port of origin and the port of destination for commercial purposes provided that ship's operator must forward a formal declaration about that. 

3) In case of calling any ports in between for non-commercial purposes, the authorities of these ports have to submit a certificate to the SCA, stating the reasons of calling the specific port. 

4) Submitting a certificate from the last port of origin stating the date of sailing and a certificate from the first port of arrival stating the date of arrival.

 All documents or part of them shall be submitted within 60 days from the date of transit. In case of delay to submit the documents or objection to them, could be completed in a max. period of 180 days from the date of transit.

5) A statement submitted by ship's agency undertakingto pay the granted reduction in case of calling in between ports for commercial purposes, or failing to submit the documents during the period stated above.

Article Three:

The tanker has no right to benefit from other rebates granted by SCA to LNG tankers, beside that rebate subject of this circular.

Article Four:

This circular takes effect as of 1/10/2017 for one year as an experimental period.