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Updated traffic situation


Northbound convoy 17th of July:

37 Vessels entered 1430 hrs, last vessel entered the convoy 2200 hrs

The first 11 vessels will drop anchor at Great Better Lake, then resume transit tail of running convoy.

The first vessel is expected to exit Suez Canal 0100 Hrs and last vessel 0930 hrs on the 18th.


Southbound convoy 17th of July::

Early group: 11 vessel entered Suez Canal beteween 0005 Hrs and 0150 hrs. This group  dropped anchor at Great Better Lake and will resume transit tail of ordinary group

Ordinary Group: 16 vessels  entered 1700 hrs  to 2015 hrs

The first vessel is expected to exit 0230 hrs and the last 1000 Hrs on 18th of July


Northbound convoy of 18th of July:

30 vessels is expected to enter 1200 hrs.


Southbound convoy of 18/07:

20 vessels is exptected to enter 1100 hrs