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Periodical Concerning The Amendment of circular (7/2017) concerning LNG tankers operating between the “American Gulf”, The “Arabian Gulf”, India and its eastern ports


As an encouragement for LNG tankers operating between the “American Gulf”, “Arabian Gulf”, India and eastern ports to pass through Suez Canal; Suez Canal Authority has decided the following:-

1. Amending “para 3” of “Article One” to read as follows: LNG tankers whether laden or ballast operating between the “American Gulf” (starting from Miami port and its western ports within the “American Gulf” also ports located southern of the “American Gulf”) and Singapore & its eastern ports shall be granted a rebate of 65% from Suez Canal normal tolls .

2. Para (1 & 2) of “Article One”, “Article Two” and “Article Three” of the circular shall remain in force.

3. This periodical will be effective for one year starting from the 1st of October 2018.

Director of Transit Dept. Eng . Mohamed Ibrahim El Desouky

This article contains an amendment for an earlier article: Article One -