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New head of the Suez Canal appointed


It has just been announced that the head of the Suez Canal since 2012, Admiral Mameesh is stepping down from his position with immediate effect. Kindly find here-under quoted presidential decree of appointment of Admiral Osama Rabie as successor to Admiral Mameesh.

Republican decision to appoint Admiral Osama Rabie as head of the Suez Canal Authority to succeed Mahab Mameesh. The President also issued a decision appointing Yehia Zaki as head of the Suez Canal Economic Authority.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi issued a presidential decree appointing Lieutenant Admiral Usama Rabie as head of Suez Canal Authority, replacing Admiral Mohab Mameesh, who was appointed as advisor to the President of the Republic.

Lieutenant Admiral Rabie served as Commander of the Navy, before moving on to serve as Deputy Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority. Eng. Yehia Zaki served as the head of the Egyptian-Saudi consulting office, Dar Al-Handasah, who prepared the detailed plan for the development of the Suez Canal area.The revenues of the Canal Authority recorded a record rate in the fiscal year ending 2018/19, by 5.9 billion dollars, or about 104.2 billion pounds. The Authority also achieved the highest rate of transfer to the public treasury in its history, according to the sector of economic bodies at the Ministry of Finance by 72 billion pounds, after covering the expenses of operation and maintenance and financing of investments and expansion. Admiral Osama Rabie, on Sunday, 18.08.2019 will begin his duties in managing the Suez Canal facility.

Comments from the local medias to the decree;

Rabie is the son of the prestigious military establishment. Born in 1955, he received a Bachelor of Naval Military Sciences from the Naval College in 1977 and was promoted to military leadership positions:

• Commander of the Mine Sweeper Group
• Chief of Staff of the Mine Action Brigade
• Chief of Naval Staff of Alexandria Naval Base
• Director of the Maritime College
• Chief of Naval forces Staff
• On April 11, 2015, he became Commander of the Navy
• On March 17, 2016, he became Vice Admiral
• On December 17, 2016, he was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority

The vice admiral received the Long-Service and Idol Medal and the Second-Class Medal of Military Duty. After 42 years of excellent service in Military sector, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi appointed on Saturday Vice Admiral Osama Rabie as chairman of the Suez Canal Authority to succeed Vice Admiral Mohab Mamish, who has been the Chairman of the authority with ministerial rank since August 12, 2012. Yehia Zaki was appointed as the Chairman of the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZone) per the decree.