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Crew Change Status - Egypt


Crew Change and COVID-19

Crew change is possible in Egypt. As of September 2020 below conditions must be complied to. Please contact us for further assistance and guidance.  

On-signing crew:  All passengers travelling to Egypt MUST be in possession of negative PCR-test (72) hours before arrival.The submitted PCR-certificate will be accepted if:

1. It includes the hour and the date of withdrawal of the sample. This timestamp will be used for the 72-hour eligibility. 

2. Issued by an authorized accredited laboratory and stamped with the laboratory’s stamp. Cannot contain scraping, cancellation, or addition.

3. Indicating the type of sample taken for the swab.

4. Indicating the type of test has been conducted (RT - PCR).

Off-signing crew:  PCR-testing will be conducted on-board by quarantine officials. Pre-notice for same should be submitted to quarantine authority 72-hours before vessel’s arrival. Please note off-signers can disembark only with negative COVID-19 test. Quarantine doctors will board vessels at Port Said (SB) and Suez (NB) Anchorage areas, to collect samples.

Results are received approx. 24 hours after collecting samples. Cost of PCR-test is USD 200 per person. In the event of positive COVID-19 test, subject crew member is not allowed to disembark. This will not affect transit schedule. There is currently no capacity to repeat testing. 

Contact for any further questions or assistance.  

Safe Crew Change with Leth Egypt Agencies

We perform all operations using our own staff and our own vehicles, motorboats and equipment. We use no third-parties and sub-suppliers. Routines are continuously monitored and updated. We swiftly make required adjustments and enforce these.

Some of the measures we have taken include:

- We provide all crew (on/off-signers) going to/from vessel/airport with Protective Wear and Equipment (facemask, washing liquid, 96% alcohol, chlor)

- We only use hotels approved by Ministry of Health

- Our cars and motorboats are always sterilized before and after any use

- All our staff at airports, ports, and offices, use Protective Wear & Equipment