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Extension of fixed rebate circulars 2022


The new extensions of the circulars are applicable for vessels departing port of origin from January 1st 2022 to June 30th 2022. A rebate application must be sent to the Authorities before departure from port of origin for the rebate to apply.

The below link includes a complete overview of all fixed rebates. Inside it are links to "World Map" illustrating the fixed rebate voyages. 

Complete overview of fixed rebates:

If any questions or should you consider applying for a rebate through the Suez Canal, feel free to contact us on

 Info about fixed rebates

Suez Canal Authority have in recent years implemented Periodical Circulars, so-called "Fixed Rebates". This in order to provide customers of the Suez Canal with predictable and desirable solutions. The circulars are reviewed and updated, usually, twice per year. Please find the complete and updated overview of fixed rebates, including world maps for illustration purposes.  

As of January 2022, Suez Canal Authority has decided that fixed rebate circulars concerning dry bulk vessels, crude oil tankers, LNG and LPG vessels shall remain in force till June 30th 2022.